Assuming that you are a doctor reading this, you must have noticed that through the past few years of your career as a physician:

  1. your working hours have been increased
  2. your net gains have been decreased
  3. the time you are dedicating for a patient has been getting less and less.
  4. significant changes in insurance policies have been negatively affecting the supplies of regular patients.

The good news is, time is changing. In this era, you do not have to solely rely on insurance companies to provide you with patients but rather you can market yourself. The best way of doing that is by improving your online presence.

In other words, your online presence and marketing strategies are more important than you have ever imagined.

With easy online marketing, you are going to:

  1. have comfortable working hours
  2. have a drastic increase in your gains
  3. provide enough time for every patient on your own
  4. never get affected by insurance policies changes

and most importantly, you are going to enjoy what you are doing more than you ever had!

However, if you are not a physician, but a medical equipment manufacturer, a medical supplier, a pharmacist, or even a home healthcare provider, a copy would prove to be very important to you.

Let's say, for example, your company has developed a new drug that passed all three major phases of testing, you want to promote it for physicians and pharmacists to prescribe it to their patients. You will have to describe for them the following:

  • the chemicals included in the drug development
  • the properties of all these chemicals
  • the method of development
  • the reason this drug would standout among other drugs
  • the benefits of this drug
  • the side effects of this drug
  • patients that are not suitable for this drug consumption

However, even though you could be including all these points when you are describing your drug to physicians and pharmacists you probably are not selling as much as you may expect. The reason for that is very simple, you are too much focusing on the drug...

In other words, the physician would probably know all the information he needs about your new drug just from reading the stated drug components meaning that, he would not look at any other information you provide after he passes through the chemicals included. You need to keep the physician or the pharmacist reading what you have written, attracted to what you are offering rather making him lose interest by stating what is obvious for him.

Here is where pharmaceutical marketing skills come in handy. In pharmaceutical marketing, you are obligated to form a firm relationship with the possible buyers of your drug and this cannot be established by focusing on your product alone.

The physicians or the pharmacists who are going to purchase the drug from you, need to clearly understand why do they need this drug, how is this drug going to help them to fulfil their needs, for example, will this drug attract them customers or not? and a lot of other questions. Luckily for you, in this case, I am an excellent pharmaceutical marketer.

That was just a pharmaceutical marketing example, however, whether you want to promote a drug, a hospital, an MRI service, or even a thermometer, I will be of great help to you!

Why is copywriting important?

Every single person is exposed to a lot of advertisements, websites and emails. As a business owner, this is going to pose you a problem because it will only make it tough for you to get noticed and recognised especially when you are a part of a fast-growing industry such as the health care industry. However, when you provide people with a copy that actually describes their main problems with their possible and easy solutions you are going to distract them from all your competitors and win them as long term customers. So whether your industry is a health care equipment and services industry or pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and related life science industry, a well written and straight to the point copy is very necessary.

How do I copy?

When you request a copywriting service from me, I will be doing the following.

  1. Contact you to develop a firm understanding of your business.
  2. Develop a solid understanding of to whom the copy is being made.
  3. Figure out the tone and approach you would like me to use in the copy
  4. create a copy based on your business, products, and services that you provide your customers.
  5. Build a strong, powerful, and tempting calls to action into my writings so your chances of getting customers drastically increase.
  6. Submit a draft for editing and review in order to ensure accuracy.
  7. Provide a final and completed version that would be ready for publication.

Shall we get started?

Every minute you waste costs, start doing actions right now.