Hello there! I'm Mustapha, a medical copywriter and a biomedical sciences college graduate.

Early on, I've started studying biotechnology during the first year of my university life. However, due to "life sucks conditions" I had to change my major and go for biomedical sciences or what's commonly called biomedicine.

Whatever was the case, biology and health-related material were my ultimate passion. And since my English writing skills were sharp, I have decided to write my own articles and publish them for public awareness about specific topics such as sleep cycles, smoking-health related topics, and many other topics.

Along the way, I have fulfilled a lot of tasks for a lot of people. Such tasks include research papers, translation, and sales proposal letters. Completing these tasks where always a pleasure for me. No matter how much work I had, I never got bored working and this is why I have decided to expand my working region to what's beyond the local region.

This is why I have developed my marketing skills and merged it with all the information I have in order to become a successful medical copywriter and a blogger who can benefit people with valuable information.

Why am I different from other copywriters? 

  • My field of study is strongly related to the healthcare industry, so I know exactly what are a lot of customers problems and afford a variety of solutions to them through my copywriting.
  • I research every topic I write about even if it was a topic I do know very well. This ensures the reliability and validity of information written.
  • My writings are always straight to the point and interesting as they are designed to help the reader reach the conclusion of the writing he is reading without falling asleep during the process.

Let's get started

The last thing you want is to waste time, after all, time is money, isn't it?